Dysect Pour On for Sheep 5L

For the control and treatment of blowfly strike on sheep and lambs and for the treatment of lice and ticks on sheep. Provides protection against blowfly in sheep and lambs for up to ten weeks. Reduces the incidence of headfly strike in sheep and lambs for up to six weeks. Provides control of ticks in sheep for up to twelve weeks. A dark green, oil-based, ready to use topical ectoparasiticide containing 12.5 g/l alphacypermethrin.

The product is applied using an adjustable dosing gun fitted with a T-bar, at a rate of 40 ml for animals weighing 25 kg or more, and 25 ml for animals weighing less than 25 kg.

For dosages of 40 and 25 ml apply as two half-doses. Apply the first half-dose evenly along the back line from the neck to the saddle and the second half-dose evenly from the saddle to the tail head and around the rump. For the control of blowfly it is important that there is good coverage around the tail area. The T-bar must be held against the fleece so that the dose is applied directly into it. For treatment of existing strike apply the dose directly to the struck area. Most strikes will require the application of 5 ml (saucer size) or 10 ml (dinner plate size). For the reduction of headfly strike 5 ml per animal is applied between the horns, irrespective of size of the animal.

Blowfly – For the control of blowfly a single application will normally provide 8 to 10 weeks protection. Re-treatment may be necessary after this period. For the treatment of blowfly strike, a single treatment applied to the infected area will ensure blowfly larvae are killed.

Ticks – A single treatment will normally provide control of ticks for 8 to 12 weeks.

Headfly – A single treatment will reduce the incidence for up to 6 weeks.

Lice – A single treatment will normally kill all lice.

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