Cydectin 10% LA injection

 One treatment of New Cydectin Long Acting Cattle injection helps worm control throughout the grazing season, based on a set stocking system.
Cydectin's active ingredient Moxidectin is completely different to Avermectins due to two main points:- 1. Potency - Moxidectin has the highest protency e.g. Against unselected Ostertagia circumcincta, the LD95 (Lethal death of 95% of parasite) for ivermectin is around 22mg/kg, compared with 4.7 mg/kg for moxidectin - ALMOST A FIVE FOLD DIFFERENCE. 2. Persistency - Moxidectin benefits from a chain within the structure which is responsible for the lipophilic nature (fat-loving) of the chemical. Moxdectin is absorbed into the blood and starts killing internal and external parasites. The lipophilic nature of Moxidectin means a high percentage of the chemical will be absorbed by the body fat and released back into the bloodstream over several weeks and continue to kill the parasites. Benefits of Cydectin LA include:- New technology in Cydectin 10% LA means moxidectin spreads throughout the body extremely efficiently and the high absorbtion by the body fat fives the long persistency. The moxidectin in Cydectin LA is 10g/100ml - by comparison Cydectin Cattle Pour On is 0.5g/100ml. A single injection at turnout gives up to 150 days persistency on stomach worms and 120 days persistency against lungworm and 133 days persistency against sucking lice. Long persistency means pasture contamination is reduced. Easier to administer than a bolus; A single injection given subcut at the base of the ear at a rate of 1ml per 100kg liveweight. Cheaper than boluses and can be used in cattle from 100kg - 500kg

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